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Can You Work with Hard money lenders in Arizona as a First-Time Investor?

One of the biggest questions first-time investors ask is whether they can get approval from hard money lenders in Arizona or not. The truth is, you can get funding, but you’ll have to demonstrate knowledge.Real estate investors turn to hard money lenders in Arizona for a myriad of reasons. Sometimes their projects simply won’t qualify for a traditional loan at the onset, while other times having cash ready to go helps ensure they can grab the property before someone else does. First-time investors face additional challenges, as banks usually need to see a track record for success before they’ll put their money on the line as well. Ergo, most seasoned investors work with hard money lenders in Arizona on a regular basis and keep this option in their toolkits for various situations and property types. As a newcomer, you’ll want to become established with professionals you can trust as well, so that you can turn to them as needed and streamline the process for subsequent projects. Getting…

Can Arizona hard money loans Give a Helping Hand when Facing Foreclosure?

People who are facing foreclosure often look for creative ways to save their homes. Arizona hard money loans can help in these situations, but you must know how to evaluate which options are best.If you’ve found yourself in hot water with your mortgage company, the first decision to make is whether you genuinely believe you can catch up your payments or if the best solution is to give up your home. If your plan is to save your home, you will need to work out a budget and plan for repayment of the past due balances. If you believe you cannot get caught back up, then the best course of action is generally to identify which options will help you move on without sinking your credit.Ideally, your first point of contact should be to your existing mortgage company. If you already know how much you can afford to pay back each month, they may be able to give you an alternate payment plan that will help you avoid foreclosure to begin with. Sometimes, banks will also agree to a “deed in lieu of …

Top 3 Niches Arizona Private Money Lenders Love to Fund

Defining a preferred niche when you’re in real estate investing can help you establish yourself as an authority, which leads to better deals and more sales. Being in a preferred niche can also help when you approach private money lenders, provided you’ve chosen your market wisely. 1. Single-Family Fix-and-Flips: Going with traditional fix-and-flips is quite common and these get funded all the time. However, you may want to consider digging a little bit deeper and working a specific region, choosing a specific style of home, or catering to a certain demographic. For example, some like to work only in established neighborhoods, while others like to focus on severely distressed properties, and some prefer historic homes. Choose an area that feels right to you and run with it.2. Multi-Family Units: If you’ve already done some fix-and-flips, multi-family units are a sound way to diversify. You can treat these as flips or repair and hold, giving yourself a steady trickle of income to help y…

Give Me 30 Days and I’ll Get You $1,750 Using Loans for Airbnb Business

The average person is now making $21,000 annually by renting out their second home. If you’d like to get in on this cash cow, loans for Airbnb businesses will get you there. A recent report regarding second home purchases highlights a growing trend. People are purchasing second homes at startling rates, but not necessarily to live in. Whereas about 90% of people planned to live in their second homes just a few decades ago, now fewer than 40% intend to. This, of course, is due to the booming rental industry brought about by home-sharing platforms like Airbnb and HomeAway.The data from the report includes all people with second homes, not purely those who make a buy for the sake of business, but the numbers are compelling. For example, about 35% say 100% of their costs are covered by the rental income and about 13% of those are making a mortgage payment. A further 32% are generating profit, and a final third says it helps them cover some of their costs. Again, though, some of these peop…

3 Things to Know Before Approaching Residential Hard Money Lenders

If you’re a newcomer to fix-and-flips, residential Arizona Hard Money Lenders can be your best ally. Learn a bit about what they’re expecting before you apply to ensure you get approved.1. Credit doesn’t matter, but experience does. One of the reasons why working with residential Arizona Hard Money Lendersis awesome is that your personal credit score doesn’t usually matter. You can have rotten credit and still get a loan to finance your flip. Newcomers can get financing as well, but the terms you’re offered are likely to improve as you gain more experience. If you’re cash poor but idea rich, plan to start off on smaller projects first, then build up to bigger and more expensive ones after you’ve demonstrated you’ve got what it takes to be successful.2. You’re going to have to have some of your own cash. A great broker can work miracles and find alternate ways to get you financed, but you’re likely going to have to have some of your own cash in the deal, even if it’s just to cover the …


You’ve heard the term, but what is an Arizona spec home? Is it a smart move to invest in one?Speculation building is a significant part of the new home construction market. Since 2016, close to three quarters of new single-family houses have been built on “speculation”- meaning, the home was built with an intention to make a profit. When the market is healthy Arizona spec homes are abundant because builders can build them quickly, sell them even faster and use the profits to build even more Arizona spec homes. This is a potentially large profit-making probability; financing these types of projects can be arduous. There are many factors, for an investor, to consider when making a decision to be involved in the building of an Arizona spec home. It is imperative that the investor has a complete and thorough understanding of the local housing market. The challenge lies in balancing costs of the home’s features with what will ultimately make the home sell. Crucial factors, for the investor…