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Getting into Fix & Flips? Read This Jason Fladlien’s Appraiser’s Advice First

Jason Fladlien’s PresentationMark: …Notes, and the floor is yours Jason.Jason: Awesome. Well, thank you, Mark. And I appreciate you and I appreciate everyone here today, because what we're going to do today is invest time with each other and hopefully we'll all be better off as a result of that.
My name is in fact Jason Fladlien, and I’m going to talk to you about how today kind of came to be, because I never was the person who thought I would teach people how to do webinars. Now, I've done webinars as Mark says, and it's hard for me to even believe one hundred million dollars later the powerful effectiveness of webinars.
But I always like to do them, and only recently have I felt forced and compelled to be in the spotlight teaching others how to do this as well—because this is an unpopular topic; everybody wants push-button magic shiny objects solutions that don't work, I hate to break it to you, but they don't work. And if those people would instead just inve…

Getting into Fix & Flips? Read This Appraiser’s Advice First

When people hear about Level 4 Funding and the work we do, they often wonder exactly how people put hard money loans to use and create real value with them. Oftentimes, those we help work in the “fix-and-flip” business, rehabbing houses. Of course, the next flurry of questions usually surrounds who does that and how they make it work. We’ve been lucky enough to get a few professional home rehabbers to open up a bit about their work and are highlighting their stories. Jason Maze of Maze Enterprise and Amazing Appraisals was kind enough to give us some insights.Jason Began as an AppraiserWorking in real estate appraisals, Jason routinely helps home buyers and sellers, as well as other parties such as lawyers and accountants, determine the value of a home. While this is often done in advance of a sale, appraisals are routinely performed anytime knowing the value of a property is beneficial, such as during a divorce or while handling estate planning. Over the years, he really got to know …